If you're getting an error message or can't scan your packing list, it might be because your scanner isn't set up correctly.

If you need help finding the error, you can use our scanner diagnostics feature.

How to use the scanner diagnostics

1. Log in to your Shopify account and go to Settings > Integration > Order. Open your shop integration and go to Scanner.

2. Under Scanner diagnostics, place the cursor in the box to the left of the barcode and scan the barcode three times.

If you can't scan the barcode on the screen, click on it, print it and try scanning it again.

3. After the three scans, a code will appear in the field where you previously placed your cursor.
Click on Send test result.

This will open an e-mail in your mail client, with the recipient e-mail address support@shipmondo.com.

Click on Send.

Our customer service will now receive your test data, look into it and get back to you, or contact you for more info.

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