Shipmondo Print Client is a Windows application. Here are some suggestions on what workarounds you can implement in order to be able to use it even if you're a Mac / MacOS user.

Use an old Windows computer/laptop

Shipmondo Print Client doesn't require a lot of resources. Therefore, if you have an old Windows computer or a laptop lying around, you can use it for running your Shipmondo Print Client on it.

Buy an Intel Compute Stick

Another good and inexpensive solution is to invest in an Intel Compute Stick, which costs approx. DKK 1.000.

Intel Compute Stick is a microcomputer running on Windows. It's just slightly larger than a regular USB stick (see the image below) and it only requires a computer or a TV screen with a HDMI slot to work.

An Intel Compute Stick setup takes no more than 10 minutes, and then you're ready for installing your Print Client.

Setting up a Windows computer/stick for use with your Mac

Make sure to install your printer on the same computer where you've installed your Shipmondo Print Client. Connect your printer to your Shipmondo account.

A guide for installation and setup of Shipmondo Print Client and adding your printer to your Shipmondo account can be found here.

Make sure that your Windows computer is up and running before using the printing features from your Mac.

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