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Build awesome shipping solutions with Shipmondo RESTful API. Getting started and find code examples.

Introduction and Documentation - RESTful APIUnderstanding the API and navigating API Documentation.
Getting Started - RESTful APIGetting started with our RESTful API is easy. You’ll need an account at Shipmondo, as well as an API username and an API key.
Processing Shipments - RESTful APIProcessing a shipment request through the Shipmondo API.
Service Points - RESTful APIProviding a specific or automatically selected service point to a shipment request.
Customs - RESTful APIDeclaring customs for a shipment request.
Advanced Parcels - RESTful APIDeclaring advanced parcels for a shipment request.
Pickup - RESTful APISetting a separate pick up address for your shipment.
Creating Sales Orders - RESTful APICreating a sales order through the Shipmondo API.
Waybill / Routing Label - RESTful APIGenerate waybill and routing labels for bulk shipments.
Creating Bring shipments with COD - RESTful APIHow to create Bring shipments with Cash on Delivery through the API.
Creating GLS Click&Collect Shipments - RESTful APIHow to create Click&Collect shipments through the API.
Declared Value (UPS only) - RESTful APIBook UPS shipments with declared value
Dangerous Goods / Limited Quantity - RESTful APICreating Dangerous Goods (ADR) and Limited Quantity (LQ) shipments through Shipmondo API
Label overlay - RESTful APIAdd an extra section with custom barcode and texts to the shipping label
Shipmondo Sandbox: Test din integrationNår du bruger Shipmondo API, kan du med Shipmondo Sandbox miljø teste, at dine data bliver leveret korrekt.