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To use Cash on Delivery (COD) with Bring shipments you'll need your own agreement with Bring that supports COD.

When your agreement is set up with your Shipmondo account, you can follow these instructions.

COD requires you to add the COD service code and the cod object to your shipment request. This object must contain amount (Amount to be collected), currency_code (Currency of the collected amount) and account_number (Account number where the amount should be payed).

A valid shipment object with COD could be:

  "test_mode": false,
  "own_agreement": true,
  "product_code": "BRI_BP",
  "service_codes": "EMAIL_NT,COD",
  "sender": {
    "name": "Shipmondo",
    "address1": "Strandvejen 6B",
    "zipcode": "5240",
    "city": "Odense NØ",
    "country_code": "DK",
    "email": "firma@email.dk",
    "mobile": "70400407"
  "receiver": {
    "name": "Lene Jensen",
    "address1": "Olav Kyrres gate 7",
    "zipcode": "0273",
    "city": "Oslo",
    "country_code": "NO",
    "email": "lene@email.dk"
  "parcels": [
      "weight": 2000
  "cod": {
    "amount": 524.75,
    "currency_code": "NOK",
    "account_number": "12345678903"
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