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Frequently asked questions

Getting started

A collection of guides to help you as a new user at Shipmondo get started.

Practical information

Carriers' package types, packaging requirements, procedure for damaged/lost shipments, filling out pro forma invoice, etc.


Learn about the basic functions at Shipmondo and increase your everyday efficiency.


Do you have a challenge with Shipmondo? Maybe you will find the solution here.

Additional Services

When you create a shipment, depending on the freight product, you will have the opportunity to choose and add different services.

Productivity tools
Printer and printing options

How to choose the right label format and printer setup. You can also find instructions for installing and setting up your label printer.


User management, payment etc.


Guides for installing and setting up order integration / shipping module (preferred pickup point) for webshops, and integration for accounting systems and payment gateways.

Shipmondo Order Management

Manage your orders faster and more efficiently. Use our pick and pack solutions. Print packing list, deliveries, delivery notes and withdraw money directly from your Shipmondo account.

Shipmondo Return Portal

Create a good return experience for your customers with a user-friendly portal. Get a smooth return flow and make it easy to manage return orders and refunds.

Shipmondo Payments
Bookkeeping integration

Build awesome shipping solutions with Shipmondo RESTful API. Getting started and find code examples.

How to switch to Shipmondo?

If you use another shipping system, you can easily switch to Shipmondo.