All shipping labels can be downloaded in PDF format and printed through your browser's print dialog box, but we recommend another solution. 

Try connecting your printer to your Shipmondo account and setting up automatic print of your labels, directly upon creation. This will save you loads of time as you won't have to open the browser's print dialog box for each printing job.

How to do it

1. Install Shipmondo Print Client

In order for Shipmondo to be able to detect printers connected to your computer, Shipmondo Print Client must be installed and set up on your computer:

2. Set your printer up on your Shipmondo account

After the Print Client has been installed and set up on your Windows computer, you'll be able to see all the printers on the same network. Now you can choose which printer you wish to use for the automatic print of labels and connect it to your Shipmondo account.
Go to your Shipmondo account and click on Settings > Print.
Click on the Plus-button (+) in the lower right corner to add a new printer to your setup.

Fill out the printer setup form as follows:

  • Name your printer setup so you can differentiate between them in case you're using different printers for your labels and other documents.
  • Choose the Computer that the printer is supposed to be connected to
  • Select the Printer of your choice
  • Label format depends on your printer.

Set the label format to A4 if you're using a regular A4 printer or 10cm x 19cm if you're using a label printer.
Use ZPL format with printers that support it, e.g. Zebra GK420d.

  • Thick one or more boxes in order to choose which documents this setup should apply to and whether or not they should be printed automatically upon creation.

Thick Default printer for shipping labels if you wish to have a printer automatically assigned for mass printing of your shipping labels. If you're using our order management and wish to set up a printer for your packing slips, then tick the box by Default printer for packing lists

Thick Auto-print shipping labels and a print job will be sent to your printer directly, upon creating your shipment, without you having to do anything. Thick Auto-print packing lists and your packing lists will be printed as soon as an order has been imported from your webshop to your Shipmondo account.

Print of shipping labels

In case you haven't activated auto-print of your labels, then you can print them by simply marking them under Booked shipments and then clicking on the dropdown on the side of Download shipping labels > Send to print client.

This is where you can choose the printer you wish to use for printing your shipping labels.

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