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Print shipping labels from multiple parcel stations or computers
Print shipping labels from multiple parcel stations or computers

Here's how you can set up printing of shipping labels from multiple computers or workstations.

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If you have multiple employees who need to print shipping labels from different computers or workstations, follow this setup guide.

1. Create a staff accounts for each parcel station

To ensure individual printer settings for each employee, create separate staff accounts on Shipmondo for each workstation, computer, or employee.

Follow this guide to invite and set up employee accounts:

2. Install and set up Shipmondo Print Client

Once you have created the required staff accounts, install the Shipmondo Print Client.

Note! If each workstation is using a portable device (handheld terminal, phone, or tablet), and there is a central computer to which all the printers are connected, install the Print Client on the central computer.

If each workstation has its own computer, to which the printer is connected, you need to install the Print Client on each individual computer.

Follow this guide to see how to install and set up the Shipmondo Print Client:

3. Associate the printer with the corresponding staff account

After correctly installing the Print Client, connect the correct printer with each staff account to ensure the print jobs go to the right printer.

Follow this guide to see how to connect a printer to your Shipmondo account:

Test whether the shipping label is printed on the correct printer by going to Shipments > Booked, selecting a shipment, and clicking on the Print button in the upper right corner.

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