There are a couple of things you need to decide on in order to achieve the most effective setup, e.g. find the correct label format for your shipping labels and connect the correct printer to your Shipmondo account.

Label format

You can generate labels in the following formats through your Shipmondo account:

  • A4
  • 10×19 cm

All shipping labels can be downloaded digitally, either as a PDF file or a PNG image, which, if need be, allows you to send them as attachments in your emails.

Printing options

A shipping label in PDF can also be printed through your browser's print dialog, much like you would print any other document.

Shipmondo supports connecting a printer to your account, which makes the printing process faster and more automated. This is recommended if you have many shipments or just wish to increase your efficiency.

Shipmondo supports the following printing options:

  • Printing on a regular A4 printer.
  • Printing on any label printer that supports the 10×19 cm label size.
  • Printing on various Zebra printers through the popular ZPL format.

You can configure both your label formats and add printers to your Shipmondo account under Settings > Print.

Print on a A4 paper

If you are using a regular A4 printer, you need adjust your label format to A4.

Your shipping label will in this case take up a half of a A4 sheet.

Once you have printed your shipping label, fold it in half and attach it to your shipment with tape, or put it in an address pocket.

You can download an A4 demo label here.

Print on any label printer

If you are using any label printer that can print on 10×19 cm labels, then you need to adjust your label size to 10×19 cm.

You can download a 10×19 cm demo label here.

Print on a Zebra label printer

Our solution supports the ZPL format, used by popular Zebra label printers (10×19 cm labels).

In order to use the ZPL format, you need to install and set up our Print client (currently supported for Windows only) and create a connection between your printer and your Shipmondo account.
Please follow this guide.

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