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Windows - Label printer prints labels in wrong format
Windows - Label printer prints labels in wrong format

For label format 10x19 cm (not ZPL) on Windows.

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  • You're using a label printer

  • You're use a label size 10x19 cm

  • Your default label format is set to 10x19 cm

If you're printing manually and the information is not being printed properly on the label, you need to double check wether the paper size is set correctly in your Windows printing preferences. It should be 10x19 cm and without any margines.

If your label printer needs calibration, you can do it under Advanced printer setup.

When using Shipmondo Print Client and 10x19 label format (not ZPL)
In this case, set up the paper size under Printer Properties > Printing Defaults, as this is the case for system processes including Shipmondo Print Client.

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