1 Install the app on your Shopify webshop

Click here to find Shipmondo's shipping module in your Shopify App Store.

Install the app on your Shopify webshop (follow the onscreen instructions).

Activation of pickup point/parcelshop selector on your webshop

Optional pickup point selector is an expanded feature of our shipping module for Shopify, and requires your webshop to have access to the carrier service API (also known as a carrier calculated service or shipping service). There are different ways of obtaining Shopify CarrierService API:

a) If you have the Advanced Shopify plan or higher, then this resource is included in your Shopify plan.

b) If you have a Basic or Standard Shopify plan that are paid annually, you can get access to the carrier service for free.

c) If you have a Basic or Standard Shopify plans with a monthly subscription, then you can get access to the carrier service for $ 20 a month.

For b) and c), contact Shopify customer service, and they'll help activating the carrier service on your Shopify store.

N.B. If you install the app without having access to the carrier service, the integration will still work, but not the pickup point selector at your webstore checkout.

2 Select the right integration type

After you've installed the app, new orders from your webshop will automatically be imported to your Shipmondo account every 10 minutes. Integration type chosen by default is Import to Drafts, meaning that you'll be able to find all the imported orders under Shipments > Drafts

If you wish to activate order management, you'll simply need to edit the setup of your order integration under Settings > Integration > Order.

N.B. It's important that you choose the right integration type that fits your business, in order to achieve the most effective setup. Click here to read about the difference between the two solutions.

Send T&T back to your store

This feature will send the tracking number back to your webshop and it will be saved on the order. Furthermore, the order will be marked as fulfilled on your Shopify shop. 

N.B. The order will be marked as 100% fulfilled in Shopify and only the first T&T-number will be shown on the order in Shopify (regardless of how many fulfillments and colly you create for your shipment). However, all colli of the same shipment will be visible on the tracking link you get from Shipmondo.

Send shipping confirmation e-mail from webshop

This feature will trigger sending of the shipping confirmation to the customer from your Shopify admin. You can adjust the content of this message in your Shopify store admin, under Notifications.

Use transferred weight (Order management)

If you're using Shipmondo shipping module in combination with order management, the weight of the items will automatically be transferred to your orders in Shipmondo. By activating this feature, the system will use the actual weight from your items for booking the correct weight for your shipments. It's therefore a good idea for you to specify correct weight for your products in Shopify.

3 Shipping method setup (in Shipmondo appen on Shopify )

Setup of delivery methods with optional pickup points takes place in Shipmondo's App in your Shopify store.

Our app supports:

  • Showing the list of nearest pickup points, based on the receiver’s address
  • Setting a fixed shipping price or calculated price based on the order amount or weight
  • Activating free shipping if the order exceeds a certain amount
  • Delivery method and price management according to the total weight of the order
  • Delivery method and price management according to zip code

N.B. Our shipping module is compatible with Shopify's standard shipping setup.
This means e.g. that if there's a receiver country that you can't set up through our app, or if you need to set up a click-and-collect option at your own address, you can set this up through Shopify shipping rates.

See the list of supported carriers and countries with optional pickup point-selector:

  • Bring (DK, NO, FI, SE)
  • dao (DK)
  • GLS ( DK, SE, AT, BE, DE, PL)
  • PostNord (DK, SE, NO, FI, AT, BE, LT, EE, NL, DE, LU, LV, FR)
  • DHL (SE)
  • DB Schenker (SE)
  • Other

Find examples for the setting up Shipmondo Shipping Module App here.

4 Create shipments based on imported orders

Click here to see how you can create a shipment based on an imported order.

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