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Why use Shipmondo's order management?
Why use Shipmondo's order management?

What is order management and what are the benefits of using it?

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Shipmondo's mission is to offer a fast, easy and economical order and shipment management to all business customers.

Many companies, especially online store owners, are forced to work in several different systems nowadays. This makes their daily workflow time-consuming and inefficient.

We strive to help make everyday life easier for our e-commerce customers, to give them more time for other business growing activities such as sales, promotion or creating a strong bond with their customers through good customer care.

Our order management is a module that focuses on supporting webshops and e-tailers. Like all other services we offer, this solution can also be used by all of our customers free of charge.

A complete logistics solution

Shipmondo's order management will help you collect all your logistics activities at one place and streamline your work processes significantly over time.

Imagine that you,

  • have full control over your products, stock and locations

  • have full control over your incoming / outgoing orders, deliveries and backorders

  • can print packing lists for your warehouse and delivery notes for your customers

  • can capture payments for your orders

  • can create shipments and shipping labels for different carriers and worldwide shipping

  • that your webshop orders are automatically imported to your bookkeeping system for posting of sales revenue. 

All this from one unified solution.

In other words, you'll no longer have to switch between different systems in order to process your orders and you'll be able to work faster and more efficiently than ever.

We lift your order management to the next level

If you're running a webshop today, then you're most likely handling your orders directly in your webshop system.

We offer an easy, fast and user-friendly solution, where all work processes associated with managing an order have been thought out well.

In addition, we have implemented functionalities such as address validation and fraud analysis, that make it even more effortless for you to spot and handle any possible issues.

How to manage an order in Shipmondo

Follow the link below to see an example of how an order is handled through Shipmondo's order management.

Activation of order management

Read about how to activate order management in your Shipmondo account.

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