Want to test Shipmondo to see if it's the right solution for you? Or perhaps you’ve already decided to use Shipmondo, but just want to test the order process before you go ahead with the solution?

It’s easy and free to test the order process/interaction between your webshop and Shipmondo.

In this guide, we show you how to play customer and place an order on your webshop which is then transferred to your Shipmondo account, where you can handle it and create a shipment.

This guide requires that:

  1. You have a webshop

  2. You have created a free Shipmondo account

  3. You have set up an order integration between your webshop and Shipmondo

How to test

Step 1 - Create a test order

Go to your webshop and place a test order as if you were a customer.

N.B. It can take up to 15 min. from the time you place your test order on your webshop until it is transferred to Shipmondo.

Step 2 - Create a test shipment

If you’ve selected Order Management when setting up your order integration, your order will be imported into Order Management > Orders. In this case, follow the example in this guide and create a shipment for your test order.

If, on the other hand, you’ve selected Transfer to Shipment Draft when setting up your order integration, your order will be transferred to Shipments > Drafts.

Click on the plus button (+) next to the Label column, follow the on-screen instructions, and create a shipment for your test order.

N.B. When you create a test shipment, you must complete a real purchase with your debit card. Remember to select Shipmondo under Freight Agreement when creating your test shipment. To create a test shipment, we recommend that you use PostNord (all products) or GLS (all products except Pick & Ship), as these shipments can be canceled and you will get your money refunded if the shipment is not used.

Step 3 - Cancel your test shipment

If your package label is not to be used, you can cancel it and get your money refunded.

Read how to do it here.

You have now completed an order process from start to finish.

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