Here are some examples for setting up Shipmondo's shipping app for Shopify.

Before creating your shipping methods, please be aware of the following:

  • Both price and weight can be set with precision of two decimal places.
  • Shipping methods are shown if the currency code is the same as the currency code of the order.
  • Shipping price is specified incl. VAT in the examples below (VAT for freight is managed centrally on Shopify, under Settings > Taxes > Charge taxes on shipping rates).
  • Our shipping module is compatible with Shopify's standard shipping setup.
    This means e.g. that if there's a receiver country that you can't set up through our app, or if you need to set up a click-and-collect option at your own address, you can set this up through Shopify shipping rates.
  • Fields for specifying the minimum and maximum price and weight function according to principle: from and including and up to.
  • It is possible to combine order amount and weight when setting up your price rules for one and the same shipping method. Make sure you've done this with care and tested properly, so the right delivery methods/prices are shown to your customers.

You can find the setup of your Shipmondo shipping module in the main menu, under Apps > Shipmondo.

Example 1

GLS Shop Delivery, where the shipping price is based on the total price of the basket.

  • Fixed shipping price: DKK 49 incl. VAT
  • Free shipping on purchase over DKK 500 incl. VA

Example 2

Bring Shop Delivery, where the shipping price is based on the total weight of the basket.

  • From 0 to 999 grams: DKK 29 incl. VAT
  • From 1000 to 4999 grams: DKK 39 incl. VAT
  • Over 5000 grams: DKK 59 incl. VAT

Example 3

PostNord Mypack and Parcel, where the shipping price is based on delivery product.

  • Home delivery for DKK 49 incl. VAT
  • Business delivery for DKK 39 incl. VAT
  • Optional pickup point for DKK 0 incl. VAT
  • Free shipping on purchase over DKK 500 incl. VAT (for all shipping methods)

N.B. PostNord Parcel is only visible if company name is available at delivery address. Therefore, remember to enable Company name = Optional in your Shopify admin under Settings > Checkout > Form options.

Example 4

GLS Shop Delivery for Sweden for DKK 150 incl. VAT.

Example 5

GLS Shop Delivery for Denmark where shipping prices are based on both order weight and order value.

  • Delivery with GLS Shop Delivery only available for order weight between 0 - 20 kg
  • DKK 29 incl. VAT for purchase under DKK 500 incl. VAT
  • Free shipping for purchase over DKK 500 incl. VAT

N.B. When you're done with your setup, we recommend that you test everything thoroughly to ensure that it works as expected and that you don't have any other plugins that might conflict with Shipmondo's shipping module.

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