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Shopify - Free shipping with automatic discount
Shopify - Free shipping with automatic discount
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The Shipmondo app has, up until now, offered two options for configuring free delivery:

  • By creating a delivery method available based on the order amount. It is important to note that this option does not work optimally due to a technical limitation in Shopify, which does not pass the order amount after discounts to Shipmondo.

  • By creating a delivery method that offers free delivery when the cart reaches a specific amount. Please note that this option does not apply if a customer chooses to pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay.


Recently, Shopify introduced a new feature that allows for offering free delivery through discounts. This feature works seamlessly with both Shopify's and Shipmondo's delivery methods.

Therefore, we recommend using this approach to offer free delivery to your customers instead of using the Shipmondo app's options for this purpose.

By using this feature, you can offer free delivery when:

  • A customer purchases a minimum amount.

  • A customer purchases a minimum quantity of items.

  • You can limit the free delivery discount to one or more specific countries.

  • It can only be used with delivery methods priced under a certain amount.

Please be aware of the following:

  • You can only configure free delivery in the shop's currency. If you sell to multiple markets with different currencies, Shopify will automatically convert the amount.

  • You can create multiple automatic free delivery discounts, one for each country, several for each country, or a single discount that applies to multiple countries.

  • If you have other discount codes, ensure that they can be combined with this automatic free delivery discount, if that is the intention.

  • If you use apps that create discount codes dynamically, make sure that these apps create discount code, that can combine with automatic free delivery discount.

  • Remember to update your delivery methods in Shipmondo regarding free delivery or order amounts once you have configured the automatic free delivery discount in Shopify.

In the example below, an automatic free delivery discount has been created that applies to:

  • All countries.

  • Delivery methods priced at a maximum of €4.

  • When a customer purchases at least €49.

  • The discount can be combined with other discounts that apply to items or the entire order.

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