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Create a shipment based on an imported order
Create a shipment based on an imported order

How to get started with creating a shipment after setting up your order integration.

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With an active order integration, you're already a step closer to automating your order and shipment management a great deal.

This guide is a demonstration of how you can create your shipments/shipping labels based on your imported orders.

You can find your imported orders here

If you've chosen Import to Orders as the integration type in your order integration setup, your orders will be imported to the Orders menu.

If you've, on the other hand, chosen Import to Drafts, then you can find your orders under Shipments > Drafts.

How to create a shipment based on an imported order

The first time your orders are imported, make sure to set up automatic delivery method selection, so the system can apply a correct shipment template to your drafts/orders.

Create a single shipment

The way you create a shipment is by clicking on the Plus button (+) for a particular order (on the right side of the draft-line).
This will open an order form.
Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the booking and generate your shipping label.

If you don't have experience with creating shipments manually, we recommend that you go through this guide before moving on.

Mass booking of shipments

You can also mark multiple drafts and bulk-create shipments for them by clicking on the Create shipments-button at the top right corner.

Read more about mass booking of shipments here.

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