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Mass booking of shipments
Mass booking of shipments

If you have a lot of orders, then you can easily mass-book your shipments and get all your shipping labels at once.

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Mass booking og shipments is a function we recommend to those customers who have a lot of orders that need to be handled in one flow.

Make sure you have the automatic delivery method selection set up on your Shipmondo account, so that the system can recognize and apply correct shipment templates for your drafts.

If there is a draft that the system can't match to an existing shipment template, it will be skipped automatically during the booking process. You will subsequently have to handle this particular draft manually.

How to mass-book your shipments

Select the drafts you wish to book shipments for and click on Create shipments.

A window will pop up, as shown below.

Choose the printer for automatic print of labels and whether the nearest pick-up point should be chosen automatically.

Then check the box I accept terms and conditions and click on Create.

Once your shipments have been booked, they can be found under Shipments > Booked.

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