Learn about the basic functions at Shipmondo and increase your everyday efficiency.

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Manual shipment creationSee how you can create your shipments manually, quickly and easily.
Overview of shipments and shipping detailsSearch through your shipments easily and find tracking status etc.
Canceling a shipmentThis is how you can cancel a shipment.
Optional pick-up pointHere is how you can to choose a specific pick-up point for your shipment.
Book a pickup for your shipmentSee here how you can book pickup for your shipments through your Shipmondo account.
What do I do if the pickup doesn't take place?See how you can follow up on the missing pickup.
E-mail your shipping labelYou can e-mail your shipping labels, after creating a shipment or from the booked shipments' view.
Generic address labelCreate a non carrier-specific address label.
Shipment summary documents for the carrierPrint End-of-day lists, Waybill etc. for the driver.