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Manual shipment creation
Manual shipment creation

See how you can create your shipments manually, quickly and easily.

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Even though you have the option of automating the creation of your shipments with Shipmondo, there may still be situations where you need to create a shipment manually.

Watch this video or follow the guide below to see how you can create a shipment manually through your Shipmondo account, quickly and easily.

This is how you do it

Go to Shipments > Create.

Under Delivery, choose the sender country, receiver country, carrier and shipping product for your shipment.
Next, you must specify the number of parcels, as well as the weight class for each parcel.

You have the option of choosing a range of additional services for the selected shipping product, such as personal message or extended insurance.

See the example below:

Click on Next and fill out sender and receiver information.

Order summary and the total price will be presented under Payment. You can now pay for your shipment with either your balance at Shipmondo or your payment card.

Once the payment is completed, you will be able to download your shipping label(s) under Receipt.

You can also choose to send your shipping label(s) directly to the printer from this view, or send them to a desired e-mail address. Shipping labels can be printed either on a regular (A4) printer or on a specialized label printer.

You can at any time find your booked shipments in the top menu, under Shipments > Booked, or through a shortcut on your Shipmondo Dashboard.

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