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Return shipment creation

Book a return shipment and create a return shipping label for your customer.

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If you wish to do your customer a favour and send him/her a shipping label so that they can return their purchase to you, this can be done through your Shipmondo-account.
Find the original shipment under Shipments > Booked and click on the three dots under Label. Choose Create return in order to create a return shipment for your customer.

The function fills out both the sender and receiver information, so that you can create your return shipment with only a few clicks.
You can send this newly created return label to your customer's e-mail, by following this guide.

Return Portal

If you have many return shipments, we recommend using Shipmondo's Return Portal. This function allows your customers to book and pay for their return shipments, as well as get their return slips and shipping labels.

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