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Set up Return Portal - Basic
Set up Return Portal - Basic

Create a return page with your own logo. Make it easy for your customers to order and print return slips, return labels, and return items.

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Create a return portal with your own logo and identity. With a return portal, your customers can easily print return slips, order return shipping, and return items to you.

In Shipmondo, we offer two different types of return portals: Basic and Return Management. If you do not know the difference, we recommend that you read our article which reviews the different options with the two types, so you choose the one that best suits your business.

In this guide, we review how to set up the Shipmondo Return Portal - Basic, which is not connected to your order management.

The system lets you decide the price of your return shipping or offer your customers free returns.

How to set up your Return Portal - Basic

Go to Settings > Return Portal.

Click the plus (+) button in the lower-right corner to create a new return portal.


Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your return portal. Choose Basic as the type and select the Sender country and Language.

Specify the name you want to give your portal, which will form your return portal link.
You have the option to set up an approval text that your customer must accept in order to complete the return.

You can also attach a return slip that your customers must print, fill out, and enclose when they make the return.

Click Activate return portal and then Create and continue.


Next, fill in your company information under the tab Receiver, which will be used as your return address.
Personalize your return portal and upload your logo to the return portal here.

Maximum logo size:
Width: 320 px
Height: 80 px


On the Text tab, create a heading for your return portal and write the introductory text to appear on the first page of the portal.

You can set up one or more return methods and offer your customers multiple ways to return their items.
You determine the price of your return shipping for each return method, whether you use Shipmondo's shipping agreements or your own shipping agreements. You also have the option of offering your customers free returns.

Click Add to create a return method.

Fill in a Name for your return method, which will appear on your return portal.
You can add a Description that describes your return method. For example, it could be the location where the package is to be handed in, the expected delivery time, or something else that's relevant to the return method.

Select/create a Shipment Template to connect it with your return method. The template defines which carrier and product to use on your return method, as well as whether the return package should be sent to your company address or a service point.

If you want to offer the customer the opportunity to physically drop off the return package at your address, we recommend that you create a new shipping template and choose Drop off Label as your product.

Note! We recommend that you create a new (separate) shipment template to be used
exclusively on your return portal. That way, your setup will be independent of the other shipment templates in your Shipmondo account that are used for outgoing shipments. This is especially relevant to minimize the risk of errors in setup.

Click here to see the overview of countries, carriers and products supported through
Shipmondo Return Portal.

Under Price excl. VAT, set a fixed price for your return shipping with this return method, and select the currency (DKK, SEK, NOK, EUR, GBP). If you want the return shipping with this method to be free for your customer, enter 0 for price.

Click Create.

You can sort the order of your return methods, which is reflected on your return portal, by dragging and dropping each line on the list under Methods.

Invoicing and payouts

Shipmondo Return Portal is a free feature for you to use as a Shipmondo customer.
However, when you use the return portal with your own shipping agreement and accept payment for the return shipping from your customers.

When you set a price and accept payment on your return portal and use your own shipping agreement, we credit your customers' payments to your Shipmondo balance. Shipmondo charges a transaction price for each deposit. Read more about prices, invoicing, and payouts.

Once you have created your return methods, your return portal is ready.
The link to your return portal can be found under the tab General > Desired portal name.

Want to test the return flow?

You can use the test mode setting and try the return flow as one of your customers would experience it. In test mode, it is possible to complete a test purchase of a return label without deducting money from the payment card.
Test mode is opened by clicking the button under More in the overview of your return

How to refer your customers to your return portal

You can refer your customers to your return portal through your Terms and Conditions or via a separate return page on your website or webshop.

You can link to or embed your return portal on your website in three ways. Read more about display methods of your return portal.

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