If you've entered a shipping agreement with a specific carrier, we can help setting it up on your Shipmondo account. 

Once the agreement is in place, you’ll have access to both your own and the shipping rates that Shipmondo has to offer.
You'll still have full control over which agreement is being used for each specific shipment, during the shipment creation process, under Delivery. Just look under Shipping agreement.

You can choose between our freight agreement, shown as Shipmondo or your own agreement, shown as your customer number. In the example below the customer number is 123456789.

If you choose the shipping agreement named Shipmondo, your shipment will be booked through Shipmondo's agreements, and you will pay for your shipment directly to Shipmondo.

N.B. Please note that if you switch between your own and our shipping agreement for GLS shipments, the parcels must be separated if your agreement includes pickup. Our shipping agreement with GLS does not include pickup and those shipments must be dropped off at the nearest GLS Parcel Shop.

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