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Own Shipping Agreement
Activation of own shipping agreements
Activation of own shipping agreements

If you've entered an agreement with a desired carrier, we can help with activating it on your Shipmondo account.

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You can gather all your shipping agreements in one place by using Shipmondo's freight booking platform.

If you’ve negotiated your own agreements with different carriers, it is possible to have them activated on your Shipmondo account.

Shipmondo gives you the flexibility to choose yourself whether you want to use Shipmondo's, or whether you want to book freight through your own, direct freight agreement with a specific carrier.

Those are not mutually exclusive, and even if you set up one or more freight agreements of your own, you will still be able to use Shipmondo's freight agreements.

How to get started with using your own shipping agreement

1. Log on to your Shipmondo account and go to Settings > Own agreements.

Click on the Plus-button (+) in the lower right corner.

2. Fill out the form to provide Shipmondo with the necessary information about your shipping agreement. All fields in the form must be filled in.

Note! The form is dynamic, which means that the appearance and fields can vary, depending on which carrier you wish to set up an agreement for.


By default, company information is already filled in, based on the company information specified on your Shipmondo account.

It is important that you fill in/correct the company information to the one that was used when the agreement with the carrier was entered. The carrier needs to be able to recognise the company, when we contact them for confirmation.


Fill in the information specific to your agreement with the carrier.


The carrier which you have entered an agreement with, and which you wish to use through Shipmondo.

I want to use this agreement to ship to the following countries

Countries to which you expect to ship through this agreement.

This freight agreement is also used with other freight solutions

Some carriers must be notified whether a customer number/barcode number sequence are to be used on several different booking systems.

Agreement information (e.g. Customer No., Username/Password, MISKOS nr., Place ID, JWT-token, Access Key, API key...)

These can vary, depending on the carrier to carrier, and we call them the same as the carrier does. If you are in doubt about where to find them, contact your sales person at the carrier to get the necessary info.


Fill in which carrier products and services you want to use on your Shipmondo account.

Note! Some carriers will not allow you to book shipments to countries or with products that are not a part of your freight agreement, while others will handle the shipment and invoice their base prices, if you book outside of your agreement. If you are in doubt about which countries/products to choose, either try to look at your agreement and the price list from the carrier, or contact your sales representative at the carrier and ask for help. You can always get us to add/remove countries and products from your agreement setup in Shipmondo at no additional cost. Just have send us a message through your shipmondo account, under Help > Contact or an email to


Setting up your own freight agreement costs DKK 500.00 excl. VAT (per agreement per account). You can find more information about prices when using your own freight agreement on our website.


We have now received your request to have set up your own freight agreement!

You can download your receipt for payment under Billing > Invoices, for direct payment. When using balance payments, this transaction will appear on your monthly invoice.

I have completed the request, what happens now?

As soon as we have received your request, our freight department will be notified and initiate the setup/creation process. They will contact the carrier in question, exchange all the necessary technical information about your freight agreement and set up the agreement in your Shipmondo account.

Setup typically takes between 1-2 business days, but depending on how fast the carrier responds, it can take less time as well.

Once the agreement has been set up and made available on your Shipmondo account, a notification will be sent via e-mail to the e-mail address which your Shipmondo account was created with.

My agreement is ready for use, what do I do now?

Once you have been notified that your freight agreement is ready for use on your Shipmondo account, it is important that you update your shipment templates to use your own, direct, agreement with the carrier in the future, rather than Shipmondo's freight agreements.

This does not happen automatically.

See here how you can update your shipment templates easily:

Note! If you're sending with GLS and use both Shipmondo's and your own freight agreements, you must be aware that GLS shipments created through Shipmondo's freight agreement must not be picked up. You need to handed those over to the carrier through the nearest GLS ParcelShop.

You can find an overview of carriers supported at Shipmondo here.

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