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DHL Freight Sweden - Information and requirements
DHL Freight Sweden - Information and requirements

When you ship parcels and pallets with DHL Freight, it is important that you comply with the allowed dimensions, weight and requirements.

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Parcel types

At Shipmondo, you can buy DHL Freight Sweden shipments.

With DHL Freight you can ship both parcels and pallets within Sweden, and from Sweden to abroad.

When you buy DHL Freight shipments, the pick-up of your parcel at your address is included in the freight price.

You can find out more about DHL Freight's different parcel types at the link below.

Preparation and pick-up of the shipment

The shipment must be supplied with a shipping label. If a shipment is going to a destination which requires customs clearance (countries outside the EU), it is important that the information on the pro forma invoice is filled out correctly.

When your shipments are being picked up, it's important to make sure that the driver signs your End of Day list. You can easily print this list from your Shipmondo account. This serves as your evidence that the shipment has been transferred to the carrier and can be crucial in the event of a possible loss claim.

The pick-up can be booked electronically on your Shipmondo account and it is the carrier who controls when the pick-up can happen. Contact the carrier through their website to get more information regarding the options for pick-up.

It is important that the shipment should be ready for pick-up when DHL Freight comes to collect it.

Packaging requirements

The contents must be wrapped appropriately, so that the package can be loaded together with other parcels, and must be able to withstand road transport in tarpaulin-covered trucks. Pallets and groupage must be able to withstand handling on the truck.

It is the sender's responsibility that a shipment is wrapped in a way that ensures that the contents are protected and, at the same time, prevents that the shipment from causing damage to other shipments, DHL Freight or third parties.

You can find DHL Freight's tips for packaging on their website, here.

Prohibited content

DHL Freight shipments must not contain licensable weapons and/or firearm parts, live or dead animals, bodies or ashes, hazardous waste, cash, securities, personal belongings, goods covered by CITES (endangered species) or similar, synthetic substances, or psychoactive substances.

Dangerous goods, combustible and explosive substances, goods sensitive to temperature, weapons, waste, valuables (e.g. art, antiques and jewels), living plants, perishable items, tobacco, alcohol, goods sent COD (international), as well as goods subject to legal restrictions on imports to or exports from Sweden or domestic transport, can only be shipped by applying in writing directly to DHL Freight and require own freight agreement with DHL Freight but is currently not supported through Shipmondo.

As a sender, it is your responsibility to ensure that the content of your shipment is acceptable and compliant with the laws and regulations of both the sender and receiver country.

If you are unsure if your goods can be transported or whether there are any restrictions on the contents, please contact DHL Freight here.

DHL Freight's other terms and conditions

With DHL Freight, you can ship all over the world. However, you need to be aware that if you ship to Russia with DHL Freight, the shipment can be delivered only to business premises.

At this link, you can read more about DHL Freight's other terms and conditions for transport, including customs clearance, cargo insurance, circumstances beyond DHL's control, sender's guarantees and warranties.

Additional services and surcharges

When you book shipments with DHL Freight, there are a number of additional service fees that may be imposed on your shipment. That is, for example, if your shipment does not meet the carrier's requirements or requires special handling by the carrier for other reasons.

Therefore it is important that you read and familiarize yourself with the different additional services.

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