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Shipment summary documents for the carrier
Shipment summary documents for the carrier

Print End-of-day lists, Waybill etc. for the driver.

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When your shipments are being picked up, it's important to make sure that the driver signs your End of Day list. This serves as your evidence that the shipment has been transferred to the carrier and can be crucial in the event of a possible loss claim.

Some carriers also require that a waybill is included with your shipment.

This is basically a summary of shipments, created during a specific period of time, created by the time the driver arrives to collect shipments.

You can easily print these documents from two different views within Shipmondo:

From Documents

This function is used if you want to print an End of day for a single carrier, for all of the shipments created during a specific period of time.

Go to Shipments > Documents > End of day and click on the Plus-button (+) in the lower right corner.

Choose the carrier, set the time frame and click on Download.

From Booked shipments

This function is used when you need to print an End of day for one or more carriers at a time, for specific shipments. If you select shipments that are being transported with different carriers, we'll generate an End of day list per carrier.

Mark desired shipments and click on the arrow beside the Print-button and then click on Download end of day.

Print an End of day list with a scan

If you think it is complicated to collect the End-of-day list as a PDF and afterwards print it, then you have the opportunity to print the End-of-day list by scanning the barcode.

Would you like to use this feature then you have to:

  1. Connect a primary printer to your Shipmondo account (This is the printer which will print out the End-of-day list)

  2. Collect and print the barcode for the current carrier/carriers, by clicking on the drop-down button to the right from Download and choose Download barcode for printing.

Example of the barcode:

When the barcode is printed on a label or a piece of paper, you can scan the barcode with a handheld scanner or the camera on your phone/tablet and the End-of-day list for the current carrier will automatically be printed.

From date and to date will be today's date. From time will be “0:00” and To time, will be the time you scan the barcode.

When you scan the barcode, you have to be signed in to your Shipmondo account and the browser window has to be active on you computer/phone/tablet.

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