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Practical information
Practical information

Carriers' package types, packaging requirements, procedure for damaged/lost shipments, filling out pro forma invoice, etc.

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Pick-up or drop-off of shipmentsSee here if your parcel is being picked up on your address or if you have to drop it off at the carrier.
Carrier surcharge overviewAn overview of surcharges with different carriers.
Returns from abroadIf you have international customers that wish to return something to you from abroad, you can book a return shipment on their behalf.
Financial processing of balance payments and monthly invoicingThis guide describes how balance payments and monthly invoices should be processed financially and might be useful to your accountant.
What is the weight and size limit for my international shipments?
Shipment validity

Deutsche Post - Handling of Deutsche Post shipmentsHere you can read about how to handle shipments from Deutsche Post.