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GLS Denmark - Parcel types and requirements
GLS Denmark - Parcel types and requirements

There are a number of size and packaging requirements you need to take into consideration, when using GLS services.

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Shipping products

There are different types of GLS services (shipping products) that you can purchase and book through Shipmondo.

Shop Delivery

GLS Shop Delivery is an affordable and efficient product that you can use if you wish to send packages to private recipients by using GLS' network of Parcel Shops.
If you're running a webshop, use Shipmondo's shipping modules for free and give your customers the chance to choose their desired pick-up point themselves.

Home Delivery

GLS Home Delivery is a product that you can use to have parcels delivered to your customers' home address.

This delivery method is especially convenient if your shipments weigh a bit more, because your customers won't have to think about using any extra resources in order to transport their parcel home from e.g. a Parcel Shop.

Business Parcel

GLS Business Parcel can be used to deliver parcels to those customers who wish to have their purchase delivered to their place of work.
Use GLS Business Parcel and cater to the needs of both your business and private customers.

Pick & Ship

With Pick & Ship, you can get GLS to pick up a package at any business address and deliver it to the desired recipient, as long as it also is a business address.

A Pick & Ship shipment must be booked before 18:00 for collection on the next working day.

Note! GLS Pick & Ship is a B2B product, a type of business parcel, and can not be used for shipments from/to private addresses. Neither sender nor receiver will be notified about GLS' arrival and the pickup/delivery attempt can take places on weekdays, between 8:00-16:00.

Shop Return

GLS Shop Return is an easy and convenient way for your customers to return a parcel to you by simply dropping it off at a GLS Parcel Shop.
The only requirement for using Shop Return is that your return address is a business address.

Expected delivery time

Expected delivery time within Denmark is 1-2 working days.

Drop-off of GLS shipments

GLS has approx. 1.650 service points a Denmark. Click here to find the closest GLS service point.

Weight and dimensions

It's important that your shipment should comply with the maximum dimensions and weight.

Length + circ.

Max. length

Max. weight

300 cm

200 cm

20 kg

GLS invoicing is based on the physical weight of the shipment, so long as it complies with the the above measurements.
An oversize fee might be charged if your shipment doesn't comply with the above measurements. In this case you risk the shipment to be handled as a part- or a full load or even a pallet, regardless of whether it's a domestic or an international shipment. You will therefore be charged for a Cargo goods fee.

Min. dimensions for parcels sent with GLS are 15 x 10 x 1 cm.

Max. length of a return shipment with Shop Return is 140 cm.

Note! It is forbidden to send parcels that weigh over 20 kg through GLS. If parcels are found to weigh more than 20 kg, they'll not be processed but returned at the sender's expense. An additional fee might be charged for each kilogram thar exceeds 20 kg.

Prohibited content

GLS shipments may not contain a.o. hazardous goods, living or dead animal as well as urns, weapons, weapon attracts, including soft guns, parts for weapons and active/inactive ammunition or explosive elements, perishable goods, cash, and/or goods subject to import, export or distribution bans in the consignor’s, the consignee’s or transit countries

Taxable goods such as cigarettes, tobacco and alcohol for delivery outside Denmark may not be shipped with GLS.

Follow this link to GLS' General Terms for more detailed information.

Insurance and compensation for damaged and lost shipment

GLS shipments are insured for up to DKK 4.500 of the cost price.

Packaging requirements and conveyable shipments

There's a number of requirements you must comply with to ensure that your packaging is suited for parcel distribution with GLS.

It's your responsibility as a sender to provide adequate and secure packaging, which will ensure that your shipment is eligible for compensation in case any damage is caused during shipping.

In addition, it is important that your shipment is system compliant, meaning suitable for machine sorting and can be stacked in GLS vans during transport.

Read more about GLS instructions for safe and system compliant packaging in this guide for secure packaging.

Additional services and surcharges

When you book shipments with GLS, there are a number of additional service fees that may be imposed on your shipment. That is, for example, if your shipment does not meet the carrier's requirements or requires special handling by the carrier for other reasons.

Therefore it is important that you read and familiarize yourself with the different additional services.

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