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Bring Denmark - Parcel types and requirements
Bring Denmark - Parcel types and requirements

It's important that you make sure your shipments are compliant with size and packaging requirements when using Bring's services.

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Shipping products

There are two types of Bring services (shipping products) that you can purchase and book through Shipmondo.

Shop Delivery (PickUp Parcel)

Bring Shop Delivery is an affordable and efficient product that you can use if you wish to send packages to private recipients by using Bring's network of Parcel Shops.
If you're running a webshop, use Shipmondo's shipping modules for free and give your customers the chance to choose their desired pick-up point themselves.

Length + circ.*

Max. length

Max. weight

300 cm

150 cm**

20 kg

* The maximum dimensions for packages delivered through a parcel locker in Denmark are 58 x 49 x 43 cm.

** For packages where the length exceeds 120 cm, or where two of the sides exceed 60 cm, an additional charge for special handling will be applied.

Home Delivery (Home Delivery Parcel)

Bring Home Delivery is a product that you can use to have parcels delivered to your customers' home address.
This delivery method is especially convenient if your shipments weigh a bit more, because your customers won't have to think about using any extra resources in order to transport their parcel home from e.g. a Parcel Shop.

Length + circ.

Max. length

Max. weight

300 cm

200 cm*

35 kg

* For packages where the length exceeds 120 cm, or where two of the sides exceed 60 cm, an additional charge for special handling will be applied.

Bring's invoicing is based on the physical weight of the shipment, so long as it complies with the the above measurements.

An oversize fee or even a special handling fee might be charged if your shipment doesn't comply with the above measurements. In this case you risk the shipment to be handled as a part- or a full load or even a pallet, regardless of whether it's a domestic or an international shipment. You will therefore be charged the price difference up to GLS 'applicable rates for this type of goods.

Note! Bring's minimum dimensions are 15 x 10 x 1 cm, and the package must not weigh less than 150 g. Sending packages that fall below the minimum dimensions will incur an additional charge for special handling.

Expected delivery time

Expected delivery time within Denmark is 1-2 working days.

Drop-off of Bring shipments

Bring has approx. 1.000 service points a Denmark. Click here to find the closest Bring service point.

Insurance and compensation for damaged og lost shipment

Domestic shipments with Bring are insured according to NSAB2015.
For more info, please contact Bring directly.

Prohibited and restricted content

Following content is not suitable for delivery via Bring: weapons, ammunition, live animals, cigarettes and tobacco, alcohol, hazardous goods, valuables (precious metals, gems, cash and securities).

Packaging requirements and conveyable shipments

It's your responsibility as a sender to provide adequate and secure packaging, which will ensure that your shipment is eligible for compensation in case any damage is caused during shipping.

Liquid and powdered content must be packed well, in the way that secures that the contents stay inside even if the inner packaging is damaged.

Proper packaging is the only way you can ensure that you can get a compensation in case your shipment sustains any damage during transport.

It's not allowed to send rolls/tubes with Bring, as this type of shipments is not conveyable, meaning that it can't be sorted automatically.

Additional services and surcharges

When you book shipments with Bring, there are a number of additional service fees that may be imposed on your shipment. That is, for example, if your shipment does not meet the carrier's requirements or requires special handling by the carrier for other reasons.

Therefore it is important that you read and familiarize yourself with the different additional services.

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