There are some additional charges for extraordinary activities you might get invoiced for when using Bring's service. It's therefore important that you read and become acquainted with them.

Freight difference

Read more about freight difference here.

Non-conveyable consignments

If the parcel is too large, too heavy or not properly packaged, then it is not suitable to be transported by the conveyor belts in Bring's distribution hubs.
Bring reserves the right to reject the shipment and return it to the sender at the sender's expense or handle it manually.

If Bring chooses to handle a non-conveyable shipment manually, it will incur a surcharge of DKK 25.00 excl. VAT.

N.B. This surcharge is also called Special handling fee at Bring and can also be incurred if the maximum dimensions of the shipment are exceeded.

Exceeding maximum weight

In case your parcel's maximum weight exceeds the maximum Shipmondo supports for Bring shipments, this will incur the following surcharge:

  • Domestic shipments: DKK 25.00 excl. VAT per kg over the maximum weight.

  • International shipments: DKK 50.00 excl. VAT per kg over the maximum weight.

Exceeding maximum dimensions (parcels converted to pallets)

If the maximum dimensions of the shipment are exceeded, these will be automatically converted to pallets. If Bring chooses to do so, it a surcharge for conversion to a pallet of DKK 57.00 excl. VAT pr. package will be triggered.

In addition, a price difference, up to the price of the pallet, will be invoiced, based on Bring's invoicing.

Misplaced (incorrectly positioned) shipping label and unreadable barcode

It's important that the shipping label is placed correctly on a shipment and that the barcode be can read/scanned automatically.

If you dispatch a shipment containing an incorrectly placed shipping label and/or the barcode cannot be scanned, you will be charged a surcharge of 55 DKK excl. VAT per shipment.

NB! Applies to shipments sent from May 17 2021.

Four things to consider;

  1. The barcode must be clear - your printer must not be short of ink.

  2. Do not cover the barcode with plastic, tape or other reflective material.

  3. The label must not curl and must be placed evenly on the package.

  4. Avoid placing the label over a joint or on an edge.


Read more about how to place shipping label correctly on the package here.


If a parcel is not picked up in time or if it doesn't comply with carrier's requirements etc. and is returned to the sender for this reason, the cost of the return will be charged to the sender. The price of the return shipment is the same as the price of the original shipment.

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