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dao - Parcel types and packaging requirements
dao - Parcel types and packaging requirements

It's important that you make sure your shipments are compliant with size and packaging requirements when using dao's services.

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Shipping products

There are two types of Bring services (shipping products) that you can purchase and book through Shipmondo.

daoSHOP (drop-off)

Use dao's daoSHOP to send packages to private recipients by using dao's network of Parcel Shops.

If you're running a webshop, use Shipmondo's shipping modules for free and give your customers the chance to choose their desired pick-up point themselves.

You may use daoSHOP to send rolls/tubes. The maximum length and diameter of the shipment in this case are 60 cm and 10 cm respectively.

For other shipment types, it's important that your shipment complies with the following dimensions and weight.

Length + circ.

Max. length

Maks. weight

240 cm

80 cm

15 kg

Note! A surcharge for exceeding maximum weight/size will be charged for dao shipments that don't comply with the above. Find more info under dao surcharge overview.

daoHOME (drop-off)

daoHOME is a product that you can use to have parcels delivered to your customers' home address.

dao shipments are distributed at night and typically delivered early in the morning.

You may use daoHOME to send rolls/tubes. The maximum length and diameter of the shipment in this case are 40 cm and 10 cm respectively.

All daoHOME parcels must comply with the following dimensions and weight requirements:

Length + circ.

Max. length

Maks. weight

120 cm

55 cm

5 kg

Note! A surcharge for exceeding maximum weight/size will be charged for dao shipments that don't comply with the above. Find more info under Surcharges for additional services.

How to calculate circumference + length


Length is the longest side of the package. The longest side of the package in the example below is 30 cm (this may not exceed 55 cm).


Circumference is calculated by adding the length of the two other sides (width and height) together and multiplying the result with 2. In the example below, width and height are respectively 15 cm and 20 cm. The circumference will therefore be (15 cm + 20 cm) x 2 = 70 cm.

Length + Circumference:

Length + Circumference will therefore be 30 cm + 70 cm = 100 cm.

(this may not exceed 120 cm for daoHOME shipments and 200 cm for daoSHOP shipments).

Expected delivery time

Expected delivery time within Denmark is 1-3 working days.

Drop-off of dao shipments

dao has approx. 1.000 service points a Denmark. Click here to find the closest dao service point.

Insurance and compensation for damaged og lost shipment

Domestic shipments with dao are insured for up to DKK 1.000 of the cost price.

Prohibited and restricted content

Following contents are not suitable for delivery via dao: hazardous goods, live or dead animals, perishable goods, weapons or weapon parts and plagiarized goods.

Packaging requirements

It's your responsibility as a sender to provide adequate and secure packaging, which will ensure that your shipment is eligible for compensation in case any damage is caused during shipping. Secure packaging allows for stacking, helps to withstand shocks, pressure and vibrations/shaking during transportation and storage.

Proper robust packaging prevents the package from causing damage to other shipments, dao or third parties. In other words, packaging must be suitable for transport, processing and sorting in automatic sorting hubs.

Porcelain, glass and other fragile items must be packed using strong packaging made of quality cardboard and protected by inner packaging that fits the nature of the contents, such as bubble wrap or the proper amount of polystyrene chips. Make sure that no collision can happen between items in the shipment or between items and the sides of the packaging.

Liquids and easily condensable substances must be placed in containers completely secured against leakage. Each individual container must be protected with inner packaging that can absorb the liquid in the case of any damage to the container. Might be a good idea to place those items in a plastic bag before placing them in the cardboard box as well.

Technical equipment, including computer- and laser equipment and similar are recommend to be shipped in the original packaging with the molded shock-absorbing inner material to secure the contents inside the box during transport. must be shipped in a solid box and must be packed inside the box with tightly molded  material, e.g. flamingo. Any technical equipment must be secured adequately against impact and prevented from moving inside the packaging during transport.

Note! dao is not required to check or approve your packaging. If dao deems the packaging not to be adequate at any time during delivery, then dao is entitled to interrupt transport and ask the sender to come and pick the shipment up from one of the sorting hubs.
dao may decide to unload, destroy or dispose of any such package without any liability regarding compensation and at sender's expense and risk.

Additional services and surcharges

When you book shipments with dao, there are a number of additional service fees that may be imposed on your shipment. That is, for example, if your shipment does not meet the carrier's requirements or requires special handling by the carrier for other reasons.

Therefore it is important that you read and familiarize yourself with the different additional services.

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