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Danske Fragtmænd - Parcel types and requirements
Danske Fragtmænd - Parcel types and requirements

If you need to transport large or palletised goods, then Danske Fragtmænd might be a good match.

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Shipping products

With Danske Fragtmænd you can have your goods picked up and shipped to any desired mainland address or an address located on an island connected to the mainland Denmark by a bridge.

Delivery to business

All Danske Fragtmænd shipments can be delivered to all business addresses located on mainland Denmark and all bridged islands.

Delivery included to the ground floor and any bringing in or up might incur a surcharge.

Home delivery

Danske Fragtmænd offers delivery of goods to private addresses as well.

Delivery included to the ground floor and any bringing in or up might incur a surcharge.

Weight and dimensions

If your shipment weighs under 20 kg, it's important that it can be handled by one person.

If a shipment weighs over 20 kg, then you're required to place it on a pallet. Pallet exchange is possible only in case of having your own agreement with Danske Fragtmænd. Otherwise the pallet is used throughout the entire delivery.

Choose between a half-size pallet and an EUR-pallet.

Maximal dimensions for the half-size pallet:

Max. size

Max. height

Max. weight

80 x 60 cm

160 cm

350 kg

Maximal dimensions for the EUR-pallet: 

Max. size

Max. height

Max. weight

80 x 120 cm

200 cm

600 kg

Note! If your shipment doesn't comply with the above measurements, you'll be billed either as cargo or for the number of pallets that the goods is taking up. The same applies if the shipment exceeds 20 kg but the goods are not placed on a pallet.

Prohibited and restricted content

Danske Fragtmænd shipments must not contain hazardous goods (under IATA and ADR rules), live or dead animals, weapons or weapon parts, perishable goods and pirated goods.
Danske Fragtmænd reserves the right to assess and reject goods containing prohibited or restricted content.

Packaging requirements

It's your responsibility as a sender to provide adequate and secure packaging, which can be loaded with other goods and withstand road transport in tarpaulin-covered trucks. 

Secure packaging allows for stacking, helps to withstand shocks, pressure and vibrations/shaking during transportation and storage. Proper robust packaging prevents the package from causing damage to other shipments, DHL Express or third parties.

Preparing of shipments and pick-up

A shipping label must be provided for and applied to each parcel/pallet.

When your shipments are being picked up, it's important to make sure that the driver signs your End of Day list. You can easily print this list from your Shipmondo account. This serves as your evidence that the shipment has been transferred to the carrier and can be crucial in the event of a possible loss claim.

Danske Fragtmænd can pick up shipments at any addresses located on an island connected to the mainland Denmark by a bridge.

Pick-up is booked automatically, electronically through your Shipmondo account. You can specify a desired pick-up date during the shipment booking process.

Pick-ups can take place on all weekdays (weekends and public holidays excluded). If a shipment is booked before 13:00, the pick-up can take place on the same day.

Pickup can take place at 17:00 at the latest.

It is very important that the shipment is ready for pick-up when Danske Fragtmænd arrives. If the shipment is not ready, a fee will be charged.

Delivery areas

Danske Fragtmænd can deliver shipments to any addresses located on mainland Denmark and all bridged islands.

Most of the shipments will be delivered before 02:00 PM on the day of delivery.

Delivery to Dyrehavsbakken, free ports, airports, private recipients, malls or Tivoli in Copenhagen can be done at an additional cost.


The price of a Danske Fragtmænd shipments depends on the weight and dimensions of your shipment, as well as sender and receiver zip codes.

Additional services and surcharges

When you book shipments with Danske Fragtmænd, there are a number of additional service fees that may be imposed on your shipment. That is, for example, if your shipment does not meet the carrier's requirements or requires special handling by the carrier for other reasons.

Therefore it is important that you read and familiarize yourself with the different additional services.

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