There are some additional charges for extraordinary activities you might get invoiced for when using Danske Fragtmænd's service. It's therefore important that you read and become acquainted with them.

Additional services & surcharges / prices

Delivery to private address: 50,00 DKK
Delivery to Dyrehavsbakken: 35,00 DKK
Delivery to free ports: 110,00 DKK
Delivery to airports: 35,00 DKK
Delivery to shopping malls: 35,00 DKK
Delivery to Tivoli Copenhagen: 35,00 DKK
Forwarding to a new address: 95,00 DKK
Handling of long goods: 3-6 m: 127,00 DKK
Weight / measurement check: 115,00 DKK
Waiting time beyond 5 min: 48,75 DKK/5 min.
Unsuccessful pickup: 115,00 DKK
Correction of wrong delivery address: 97,50 DKK
Marking of goods: 55,00 DKK
Carrying in: 117,00 DKK
Carrying in and upstairs: 195,00 DKK
Carrying downstairs and out: 97,50 DKK
Redelivery of goods: See

All prices are shown excl. VAT.

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