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Danske Fragtmænd - Surcharges for additional services
Danske Fragtmænd - Surcharges for additional services

Danske Fragtmænd might issue surcharge for additional services. It's therefore important that you read and become acquainted with these.

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Danske Fragtmænd charges a surcharge for additional services.

It is important that you are familiar with these surcharges.

All prices in Shipmondo include oil-, capacity-, environmental and energy surcharges.


Price excl. VAT

Delivery to private address

50.00 DKK

Delivery to Dyrehavsbakken

35.00 DKK

Delivery to free ports

110.00 DKK

Delivery to airports

35.00 DKK

Delivery to shopping malls

35.00 DKK

Delivery to Tivoli Copenhagen

35.00 DKK

Delivery to military facilities

50.00 DKK

Forwarding to a new address

95.00 DKK

Handling of long goods: 3-6 m

127.00 DKK

Weight / measurement check

115.00 DKK

Waiting time beyond 5 min

48.75 DKK / pr. 5. min.

Unsuccessful pick-up

115.00 DKK

Correction of wrong delivery address

97.50 DKK

Marking of goods

115.00 DKK

Crane delivery

700.00 DKK

Carrying in

117.00 DKK

Carrying in and upstairs

195.00 DKK

Carrying downstairs and out


Back to sender

95.00 DKK

Order number change (Coop's WHSE Aalborg, Odense and Albertslund)

48.75 DKK

Redelivery of goods

Rargo goods

Time-specific delivery

Ordernumber change

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