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Deutsche Post - Handling of Deutsche Post shipments
Deutsche Post - Handling of Deutsche Post shipments

Here you can read about how to handle shipments from Deutsche Post.

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The process for Deutsche Post shipments is as follows:

  1. You book the first shipment and an "order" will be opened at Deutsche Post. 

  2. You book shipments for the desired countries, print your freight labels and prepare your shipments for pick up. 

  3. When all shipments for the day are prepared, go to Shipments > Documents > Waybill.
    Select a From and To date and time.
    Fill out how many bags/sacks/mail containers (per product) you have and click on Download. 

4. The "order" for the day will thus be finalized at Deutsche Post and you will receive the AIRWAYBILL (delivery note) which you have to put on each bag/sack/mail container. 

Note! An AIRWAYBILL will be printed per product. If you have booked i.e. Packet Tracked and Packet Priority, there will be 2 AIRWAYBILL.

Example of an AIRWAYBILL:

Note! If your agreement is with DHL Express, you will receive a Global Mail label and waybill document instead of an AIRWAYBILL. The label is put on the bag/sack/mail container, and the document is given to the courier.

Example of Global Mail label and waybill document:

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