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Managing of accompanying documents for bulk shipments
Managing of accompanying documents for bulk shipments

Here is how you must handle accompanying documents for bulk shipments with Bring and PostNord.

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If you're sending bulk shipments with Bring and PostNord, you must also make sure to print and attach the following documents with your shipment:

  • bulk waybill

  • routing label

  • consolidated invoice (for shipments outside the EU)

How to handle documents for bulk shipments

1. To open a new bulk waybill, go to Shipments > Documents > Bulk waybill integration and click on the Plus-button (+) in the lower right corner.

2. Fill out the sender, receiver and agreement, and click on Create.

3. There is now an open waybill and you can start creating your bulk shipments with the desired carrier.

  • PostNord: The service Bulksplit must be selected when booking your PostNord bulk shipments, otherwise they will be perceived as single shipments. You can automate this process by selecting the service on the relevant shipment templates.

  • Bring: There are two types of products with Bring, bulk products and products that can be sent as either bulk or single shipments.

    • Bulk products are automatically added to a bulk waybill (e.g. PickUp Parcel Bulk).

    • When booking a Home Delivery Parcel, the service Bulksplit must be selected, if it is to be added to a bulk waybill, otherwise it will be perceived as a single shipment.

Note! For shipments outside the EU, it is required to fill in customs information under booking. When the shipment is booked, however, you will not receive an invoice, as the customs information is used to create a consolidated invoice for the entire bulk waybill.

4. When you've finished creating all the bulk shipments that are a part of the same bulk waybill, you need to close the waybill.

Click on the open waybill, that you wish to close and print bulk documents for.

Here you can see how many and which type of parcels that have been assigned to this particular waybill.

5. In order for us to be able to create the routing labels correctly, you need to make sure to fill in how many and which type of bulk shipments are on which pallet and finalise your bulk waybill.

Meaning of Amount varies depending on the selected Type:

  • Parcel: The meaning or Amount in this case is the number of parcels on the pallet and each line represents therefore one pallet.

  • Pallet: The meaning or Amount in this case is the number of pallets and is used if the shipment itself is a pallet. Each line can therefore represent multiple pallets.

Click on Close waybill.

6. Click on the icon with three vertical dots to fetch and print the accompanying documents for your bulk shipments.

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