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Pick-up or drop-off of shipments
Pick-up or drop-off of shipments

See here if your parcel is being picked up on your address or if you have to drop it off at the carrier.

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If your freight is being booked/purchased through Shipmondo's freight agreements, the general rule is that your shipments must be dropped off at a carrier's drop-off point. However, there are some carriers and freight products where the shipment pick-up at your address is included in the freight price.

Here is an overview of which carriers you have to drop a parcel off to yourself and which carriers that will pick a parcel up at your/sender's address.

Drop-off shipments

  • Bring Denmark

  • Bring Norway

  • dao

  • GLS Denmark

  • PostNord Denmark

  • PostNord Norway

Note! There is however an exception of GLS Denmark's Pick&Ship, as those parcels will be picked up at the specified address.

Find drop-off points here.

Pick-up shipments

  • Danske Fragtmænd

  • DHL Express

  • DHL Freight Sweden


  • UPS

Follow this link to read more about booking a pick-up at your address.

Note! When shipping with Danske Fragtmænd, booking of a pick-up is done automatically, through the shipment creation process.

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