Is your shipment still awaiting pickup at the service point? Are transit times extraordinarily long? Shipmondo's shipment monitor gives you an easy overview of your shipments and their status.

When you look at the overview over booked shipments (under Shipments > Booked), you'll be able to see that all shipments have a color indicator to the left. 

  • None: No registered data regarding this shipment.
  • Blue (In transit): The shipment has been scanned and is on its way.
  • Yellow (Delayed/Unclaimed): There might be a delay, e.g. longer transit time or the shipment has been ready for pickup for some time.
  • Red (Problem): There might be an issue with the shipment, e.g. delivery might be taking a bit too long, the shipment hasn't been picked up for a longer period of time og might be on its way back to the sender. 
  • Green (Delivered): The shipment has been delivered/picked up by the receiver.

Filter by status for a quick overview

Use the filter in the upper right corner to filter your shipments based on their status.

E.g. you can choose the status Problem and get a quick overview of those shipments, that you might wish to act on. Maybe the receiver has forgotten to pick it up and needs a reminder, og maybe you need to get ahold of the carrier to get more info.

Status change

If you open shipment details for one of your shipments, you'll be able to see when the last status update has taken place.

If need be, you can also manually change the status of your shipment by clicking on Mark as delivered. This feature can be used in case you can see that the shipment is marked red but the issue's been solved directly with the carrier.

Shipment monitoring supported for following carriers

Shipment monitoring is currently supported for domestic (Danish) shipments and for the following carriers: 

  • Danske Fragtmænd
  • dao
  • GLS
  • PostNord
  • Bring
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