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Book a pickup for your shipment
Book a pickup for your shipment

See here how you can book pickup for your shipments through your Shipmondo account.

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Booking of pickups for shipments purchased through Shipmondo's freight agreements is possible for a number of carriers (see here which carriers support pickup at your address).

To book a pickup for a certain carrier, it is required that a shipment is created for that specific carrier beforehand.

You can see all your booked pickups in the top menu under Shipments > Pickups.

How to book a pickup

You can book pickups for your shipments by clicking on the three small dots under More and then selecting Book pickup.

Alternatively, mark multiple shipments, click on the dropdown on the side of the Download-button and click on Book pickup.

2. Fill out the form and click on Create.

Note! For DHL Express Import, pickup must be ordered individually for each shipment.

All of your pickups will be visible on your Shipmondo account, under Shipments > Pickups. If you click on any particular pickup, you'll be able to see all of the details regarding the pickup you've booked.

Your pickup confirmation No. will also be visible on each of the shipments under Shipments > Booked.

What do I do if the pickup doesn't take place?

Did the scheduled pickup not happen as planned? You can find more information about what to do here.

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