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Asendia - Handling Asendia shipments
Asendia - Handling Asendia shipments

Here, you can learn how to handle shipments with Asendia.

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The process of sending Asendia shipments can be done in two ways depending on your configuration of the Manifest in Asendia Sync.

It is important that you check whether you use Auto Manifest or not, to ensure that your Asendia shipments are sent correctly.

If you use Auto Manifest

If you use Auto Manifest, you don’t need to do anything further once you have created your Asendia shipments and printed your shipping labels.

If you don't use Auto Manifest

If you don't use Auto Manifest, you need to manifest your Asendia shipments by generating a waybill on your Shipmondo account.

The process is as follows:

1. The first Asendia shipment you create will "open" a manifest/waybill. If you create more shipments, they will be added to this.

Please note, this does not apply to return shipments (e-PAQ Return Domestic/International), which do not require a manifest.

2. Once you have created your shipments, you need to close your manifest/waybill. You do this under Shipments > Documents > Waybill.

Select Asendia as your carrier, and choose a From date and time after you created your first Asendia shipment. Choose a To date and time that includes the last Asendia shipment you want to be included in your manifest/waybill document.

Click Download to close your manifest/waybill.

Note! Once your manifest is closed, it cannot be opened again. If other waybills are closed in the same timeframe, you will also receive these manifest documents.

This means that you can also retrieve previous manifest documents if needed.

Note! You can't cancel shipments when they have been manifested.

When you create your next Asendia shipment, a new manifest/waybill will be opened.

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