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Can I cancel a shipment/shipping label?
Can I cancel a shipment/shipping label?

It is possible for you to cancel an unused shipment. Read more about the guidelines here.

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Cancelling a shipment is allowed if:

1. The shipment is booked through Shipmondo's shipping agreement
2. The shipment is booked within the last 14 days
3. The shipment hasn't been scanned by the carrier

Please be aware of the exceptions below.

Multiple-package shipments

For shipments with multiple packages, it's only possible to cancel the entire order, and thus all packages on the order. This means that all the packages on the order need to meet the above criteria.

Shipments created through own shipping agreement

It's not possible to cancel a shipment created via own shipping agreement, as the work associated with its booking and label creation has already been done.

Exceptions regarding certain carriers/shipping products

Special rules/exceptions apply to the following carriers/products. Click on the links below to find more info.

You can read more about the right of cancellation in our Terms and Conditions.

How to cancel a shipment

If your shipment meets the criteria set out in our Terms, you can cancel it yourself by following the instructions in the link below.

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