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PostNord Denmark - Requirements for proper packaging
PostNord Denmark - Requirements for proper packaging

Here's an instruction for secure packaging and how to make a shipment suitable for automatic sorting in PostNord's distribution hubs.

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A PostNord shipment is handled both automatically and manually during this process and it is therefore essential that it's packaged properly, in order to ensure a successful delivery.

In case your shipment requires any manual handling of PostNord during the sorting process, a special handling fee will be charged.

Shipment and packaging requirements

To avoid a charge for special handling, PostNord recommends that you make sure your parcel:

  • Has minimum dimensions of 14 x 9 x 1.5 cm

  • Has 5-6 straight and continuous surfaces

  • Has a regular shape so it can be stacked (a cardboard box)

  • Is protected from all sides by approved* packaging

*It is always the carrier themselves that defines what approved types of packaging are. Packaging must be adapted to the contents and weight of the shipment, and proper packaging consists of both outer and inner packaging.

Nevertheless, the packaging can still be considered insufficient if it only consists of thin plastic, paper or alike. The better and more secure packaging, the greater the chance that your shipments will reach their recipient intact.

If it, despite expectations, happens that your shipment gets damaged during transport, it's important that you can prove that the contents of your parcel was properly packaged and protected. This is the only way you can ensure that you can get a compensation for the damage.

Click here to read PostNord's advice on how to best and most effectively pack your shipment.

Avoid non-conveyable shipments

Are you one of those who occasionally send packages that don't exactly fit in a square cardboard shipping box? Then you are also at risk of being charged for what PostNord calls a non-conveyable shipment (shipments that require special handling).

Here are a couple of examples as to what's considered shipment that requires special/manual handling:

Note! The above are only some of the examples, other types of non-conveyable shipments may occur.

If a parcel is more than 175 cm in length, an oversize fee is charged instead.

If in doubt whether your packaging meets PostNord's requirements

If you are unsure whether your packaging is suitable for fully automatic machine sorting, please contact PostNord directly. Find PostNord's business support contact information here.

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