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PostNord Norway - Requirements for proper packaging
PostNord Norway - Requirements for proper packaging

Here's a guide to secure packaging and how to make a shipment suitable for automatic sorting at PostNord's distribution hubs.

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A PostNord Norway shipment is handled both automatically and manually during this process and it is therefore essential that it should be packaged properly, in order to ensure a successful delivery.

If you ship with defective packaging, PostNord Norway is not obliged to replace damages caused by transport, if the damage could have been avoided through better packaging.

Shipment and packaging requirements

PostNord recommends the following packaging, so that the shipment can withstand shock, vibration and pressure.

  • The parcel should be within the required weights and dimensions - see parcel types and requirements.

  • The parcel should be packed carefully using strong packaging on both the inside and outside.

  • If you are sending several items in the same parcel, it is important that all individual items are packed carefully so that they won't damaged each other.

  • Fill the parcel with cushioning material to prevent the items being squeezed if they are placed under other, heavier parcels.

  • Put further information, for example "This side up", directly on to the parcel, so that it is clear to the personnel handlingen the shipment.

Read more about PostNord Norway's advice on how best to pack your items safely here.

Not sure if your packaging meets PostNord's requirements?

If you're not sure whether your packaging is suitable for fully automated machine sorting, you can contact PostNord Business to find out more. You can find the contact information for PostNord Norway here.

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