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Shipment filtering options
Shipment filtering options

Use different filtering options to find shipments, perform mass actions and otherwise optimize your workflow.

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All of your booked shipments are by default shown in a chronological order in the booked shipments list. 

If you need to find a specific shipment, you can use the search box, but you can also use filtering options in case you wish some specific shipments to be shown. 

Two standard filtering views (tabs) are created by default, Delayed and Problem.

These are a part of our smart shipment monitor feature, but you can create your own filtering to fit your needs.

Filtering kan e.g. help with:

  • Filter shipments based on a specific carrier

  • Filter shipments based on a specific receiver country

  • Filter shipments based on a specific status (e.g. delayed shipments)

You can combine your filters to suit your needs and you can save the filter as a tab in your overview so you easily can access it. 

You can see an overview of filtering options for the booked shipments list below:

  • Agreement (Shipmondo/own agreements)

  • Receiver country

  • Status [Delayed, In transit, Delivered, Problem, Uninformed]

  • Carrier

  • Type [Address book, API, Repurchase, Fulfillment, Manual, Return]

  • Extra columns (if you wish to show an extra column on the list)

  • Rows per page (if you wish to show more shipments per page)

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