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If you have customers or suppliers you often send parcels to, you can save them as receivers and create your shipments faster

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If you often send to one and the same customer or supplier, then you can save them as receivers in your address book. This will help you expedite your shipment creation.

It can be found under Shipments > Address Book in the top menu. You can add an unlimited number of addresses to your address book. 

To add a new address, click on the Plus (+) button in the bottom right corner.

Retrieve a receiver address

When you need to find an address from your address book, simply start typing the name of your saved recipient in the name field.

Once you have entered the first two characters, the relevant receiver(s) will be listed, so you can choose from there.

The system will automatically fill in all the info available, after you've chosen your receiver.

Multiple sender addresses

You can also use your Address Book for storing the correct sender address, if you have multiple sender addresses. The process in this case is the same as retrieving a receiver address.

Add a new address (during shipment creation)

If you wish to save a given address to your Address Book, you can easily do so by clicking on the three small dots by the name of your receiver. Then click on Save as new address in the dropdown menu, after you've filled in receiver's information.

Create a shipment directly from your address book

If there's a specific address in your address book you'd like to use for creating your shipment, you can do so by clicking om the three dots under More and then on Create shipment.

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