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When you create a shipment, you can choose whether you, as the sender, want to be notified that the package has been received.

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When you send parcels through Shipmondo, you have, depending on the carrier, the option to select/deselect sender notifications, that means whether you want to be notified when the customer has received the package or not.

If you choose to, you will be notified as soon as the customer has received or picked up his package. If you deselect it, the package will simply be sent without you as the sender being notified of receipt.

However, you can always go to your Booked shipments and see a package status on the package concerned.

If you send packages through Shipmondo's freight agreement, you can choose the service when you send with dao or Bring. You choose sender notifications under Options and services when you create a shipment with one of the two mentioned carriers. See an example of sender notification with dao below.

Note! Sender notifications are automatically selected on all existing shipping templates. You must therefore actively deselect it from your template if you do not want the service.

What happens service Sender notifications is selected




The carrier will send the following notifications to the sender via email and SMS:

  • Package dropped off at a pickup point (email)

  • Package picked up by customer at a pickup point (email and SMS)

  • Package delivered to customer at home address (email and SMS)

Note: An SMS notification about package being dropped off at a pickup point will always be sent to the sender, regardless of whether the Sender notifications service is selected or not.


If the service is selected, Shipmondo sends a sender email to Bring with each booking, and the sender receives a confirmation every time a Bring shipment is created.

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