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Automatic delivery method selection
Automatic delivery method selection

Achieve full automation of your shipment preparation with automatic shipping method selection.

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Once the integration is up and running, orders from your webshop or accounting system will automatically be imported to your Shipmondo account.

At the same time, a shipping method, saved on each particular order, will also be imported.

Each shipping method can and should be matched to a shipment template. This ensures that your shipments are created with the correct carrier, shipping product, weight interval and additional services.

Note! The shipping methods for some order integrations will not be created immediately upon setting up a new order integration. They will first be identified and created based on orders imported through this integration.

Learn how to set up a shipment template for your order integration in this tutorial or follow the guide below:

This is how you do it

Go to Settings > Integration > Order and open your configured integration.

Go to the tab Delivering methods, click on the shipping method missing a shipment template (marked with yellow) and select a desired shipment template. Then click on Save.

If you haven't already created your shipment templates, you can see how to do this here.

Once your shipment templates have been defined, the system will pre-populate your shipments with the correct shipping method, so you don't have to do it manually every time.

In other words, you can achieve full automation when booking your shipments.

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