If you're running a webshop, you might experience that some orders are being picked up at your address or that some orders need to be sent by a carrier we don't yet support at Shipmondo.
In this case, you might wish to prevent some orders/drafts from being imported to your Shipmondo account, and this requires setting up order filtering for your integration.

The function excludes certain orders based on their order statuses at your webshop.

Order filtering is supported for the following webshop platforms:

  • Dandomain
  • Shopify
  • Magento 1.x
  • Magento 2
  • Prestashop
  • Wannafind
  • WooCommerce (2.0x - 2.5x)
  • WooCommerce (2.6x+) (requires WooCommerce (2.0x - 2.5x) integration)
  • ScanNet
  • ScanNet Webshop 2
  • Golden Planet
  • Shoporama
  • Smartweb
  • Squarespace

How to do it

In order to set order filtering up, there must first be an active integration on your Shipmondo account.

Go to Settings > Integration > Order. Select the integration you wish to set up order filtering for.

Specify the unwanted status(es) in the Filter order status field and these will be excluded from the order import.

You can do this by specifying the name of the unwanted status as by the imported orders on your Shipmondo app.
If you need to exclude more than one status, simply enter those separated by the comma (,), as shown below:

Click on Save.

N.B. Filtering will be used for future imported orders only.

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