Canceling an order

Cancel your webshop orders in Shipmondo.

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By using Shipmondo's order management, you have the possibility of managing all of your orders from a single solution.

If an order has to be canceled due to e.g. wrong purchase by the customer, sold out item etc., then this can be done directly in Shipmondo.

When an order is canceled in Shipmondo, it will automatically be canceled on your webshop as well.

Supported integrations

Canceling an order through Shipmondo is supported for the following webshop platforms:

  • BigCommerce

  • DanDomain

  • Golden Planet

  • Magento

  • Mangeto2

  • Prestashop

  • ScanNet

  • Shoporama

  • Smartweb

  • Thirtybees

  • Wannafind

  • WooCommerce

How to cancel an order in Shipmondo

  1. Once you've opened the order that you wish to cancel, click on the button Open in the bar on the right and then click on Cancel.

2. Enter a comment and click on Save.

3. Your order has now been canceled and an order status update has been sent to your webshop. Comments you have written will also appear under Events.

Note! Cancellation of a payment is something that must be set up on your webshop.

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