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Set up Trustpilot Automatic Feedback Service with Shipmondo
Set up Trustpilot Automatic Feedback Service with Shipmondo

Send Trustpilot review invitations to your customers when your orders are managed in Shipmondo.

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In this guide, you can read about setting up the Trustpilot Automatic Feedback Service (AFS) to send out review invitations to your customers once your orders have been managed and your shipments created in Shipmondo.

Technically, this is done by Shipmondo sending a copy (Bcc) of your personalized message in Shipmondo to a unique Trustpilot email address associated with your Trustpilot business account.

When Trustpilot receives a copy of the personalized message sent to the customer, Trustpilot AFS will be triggered and will send out a review invitation to your customer after a 7-day delay.

The prerequisite for setting up Trustpilot AFS with Shipmondo is that you use personalized messages in Shipmondo.

Why trigger Trustpilot AFS from Shipmondo?

Trustpilot recommends using the customers order confirmation email as a trigger for Trustpilot AFS. However, using the order confirmation email means there is a high risk that an order will be cancelled by the customer in the meantime, or that the shipment hasn't yet been delivered at the time when the Trustpilot review invitation is issued.

You can significantly minimize this risk by using Shipmondo's personalized email messages to trigger Trustpilot AFS, as personalized messages only are sent when shipments are created in Shipmondo.

How to set up Trustpilot ASF with Shipmondo

Step 1 - Find your unique Trustpilot email address

Log in to your Trustpilot company account. Follow Trustpilot's instructions and copy your unique Trustpilot email address.

Step 2 - Fill in the Bcc in your personalized email message

Log in to your Shipmondo account and go to Settings > Personalized messages.

Select personalized email message (Trigger: Shipment: Created with service selected) and fill in the Bcc field with your unique Trustpilot email address from step 1 and click Save.

See the example below:

Note! To use Trustpilot AFS with Shipmondo, use personalized message in Shipmondo. Read more about setting up and using personalized message here.

Trustpilot AFS is now set up with your Shipmondo account.

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