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E-mail your shipping label
E-mail your shipping label

You can e-mail your shipping labels, after creating a shipment or from the booked shipments' view.

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If need be, a shipping label can be sent through e-mail, either to the sender or to an alternative e-mail.

There are two ways of sending your shipping labels to a desired e-mail:

From Receipt (shipment booking flow)

The last step in your shipment booking flow is Receipt.

Now click on the dropdown menu next to Download shipping label > E-mail shipping label to > Optional e-mail.

From the booked shipments' view

If you've already created the shipment and you need to send the shipping label to a specific e-mail address, go to Shipments > Booked and start by finding this shipment.

Click on the dropdown menu under Label > E-mail shipping label to > choose between Sender e-mail and Optional e-mail.

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