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Label overlay - RESTful API
Label overlay - RESTful API

Add an extra section with custom barcode and texts to the shipping label

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Enhanced warehouse efficiency is achievable through the incorporation of additional barcodes or text on parcel labels, particularly in facilities requiring internal tracking or sorting.

The barcode serves multiple purposes:

Checkpoint monitoring

An employee or scanning station scans the barcode to record the parcel's progress through specific checkpoints, such as "Ready at gate" or equivalent.

Automated sorting

An automated sorter scans the barcode, guiding the parcel to a designated transport belt. For instance, a PostNord parcel is directed to a belt leading to a specific gate where a PostNord truck typically collects parcels.

To ensure seamless processing, shipment requests must include a "label_overlay" section. In the given example, the label comprises a barcode (123123233), left text (BCC), and right text (CCC).

"label_overlay": {
"barcode": "123123233",
"left_text": "BCC",
"right_text": "CCC"

For optimal display within the label overlay section, adhere to recommended character limits: a maximum of 13 characters/digits for the barcode and 3 characters each for left_text and right_text. Exceeding these limits may result in omission or incorrect display.

To ensure compatibility with all carriers, maintain a label paper size of 10 x 21 cm. The resulting label showcases enhanced tracking and sorting capabilities for streamlined warehouse operations.

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